About BML

Barnard Microsystems Limited (BML) design, develop and manufacture unmanned aircraft systems for use in civilian and security applications. Our activities cover unmanned aircraft systems designed for use in oil, gas and mineral exploration, pipeline and installation monitoring and in the detection of threats to military personnel.

  • BML is a British company located in north London
  • BML has BSI ISO 9001:2008 accreditation (Certificate FS 587792) for four activities:
    • Project Management
    • Research and Development
    • Consultancy
    • Manufacturing
  • Of all British Companies, only BML has contributed presentations at the premier Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems 2010 and 2011 Conferences in the USA
  • Of all European companies, only BML was invited to contribute a presentation at the 3rd European Space Agency / European Defence Agency UAS Conference in 2012 in Belgium

BML experience in oil and gas pipeline and infrastructure monitoring using unmanned aircraft:

  • BML has successfully completed a project with Phoenix Surveillance in Nigeria in 2012 to map and then demonstrate the monitoring of oil pipelines in the Niger Delta area
  • BML is working with Curt Smith in the BP Chief Technology Office in the USA on the use of unmanned aircraft to monitor BP oil pipelines in Alaska
  • As a confirmation of a growing BML reputation, we have recently been requested by staff at ENI of Italy to provide a plan for the surveillance of oil pipelines in the Niger Delta in Nigeria

The focus on maintaining a highly professional service is accomplished through:

  • innovative research and development
  • design of very reliable systems
  • high quality engineering
  • the building of long term relationships with top ranking companies, organisations and universities

In addition, BML supply the WaveMaker circuit design software for use in the design of linear RF and microwave circuits.