Satellite Communications

Inview uses the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satellite data relay service. For more details, see the presentation at the Bristol conference.

Automated Flight

Inview uses the BML autopilot based on the use of a 9 Degree of Freedom Inertial Measurement Unit (XYZ gyro, XYZ magnetometer and XYZ accelerometer) and a GPS receiver.

Extended Flight Time

  • fuel efficient four stroke internal combustion engines
  • high energy density, aviation grade, gasoline rather than methanol
  • a low drag aircraft design

Take-off and Landing on Rough Terrain

The Inview unmanned aircraft has been designed to be able to take off from a rough grass strip, and also to land on a similar rough grass field. This ability enables the Inview:

  • to avoid other aircraft at an airfield
  • to avoid any airfield related payments
  • to perform an emergency landing in a rough grass field without damaging the aircraft

High Quality Images

Three HD cameras with video capability are onboard the Inview aircraft. The cameras have tilt capabilities enabling a large volume to be captured.

Thermal Imaging

The Inview can carry a thermal imager to enable the detection of people at night.