inview aircraft flying

InView Unmanned Aircraft

The InView UAV was developed in 2010 for use in scientific, commercial and state applications. The InView is a twin engined unmanned aircraft with a dry weight of just under 20kg. The twin engine configuration was selected to enable the InView to fly on one engine, should problems be experienced in the other gasoline powered four stroke engine. The relatively light weight of this 5m wingspan aircraft and use of composite materials were design goals to reduce the amount of crash damage to a structure, such as an oil or gas pipeline.

The distinctive twin boom configuration was used to keep aircraft weight down and ensure the correct center of gravity. The InView is modular in design which has several benefits, including transportation in a small vehicle and easy module replacement for planned maintenance.

The InView UAV:

  • has been developed using civilian funding sources: namely, the Technology Strategy Board and the European Space Agency
  • was designed to meet the safety, regulatory and technical requirements of the oil, gas and mineral exploration and production companies such as Shell, Statoil, BP and Anglo American
  • has been extensively tested and characterised by BML staff
  • are manufactured and supported by BML in the UK
  • contains no ITAR components and has been classified by the UK MoD as UNRESTRICTED